Trump at G20

Max Boot at

"In the course of this trip, he trashed his predecessor, the U.S. intelligence community, and the “fake news” media. Can you imagine Ronald Reagan in 1981 going abroad and attacking Jimmy Carter for not doing more to stand up to Soviet aggression? Or attacking the press for being hostile to him in the 1980 campaign (as they were) and the intelligence community for not predicting the Iranian revolution (as they did not)? It’s unimaginable, yet Trump somehow thinks that it’s appropriate"


A Flashback to the Launch of the iPhone

From in 2007: 

"By now you’ve all heard about the iPhone and read 60 billion things about it, so I’ll get straight to it. I’ve been tracking some of the best points from around the web and jotted down some thoughts of my own"

A great article to travel back and see the perception of the iPhone back at its launch. The iPhone has been the best selling product in history, and one of the most influential. It's made technology not only possible, but accessible. Each year's advances bring benefits like better cameras and better information security to millions of people. While Apple appears to mis-weigh the importance of certain features or design attributes at times, the overall direction and success of the iPhone is undeniable.