An in-depth look at Ted Cruz

I distinctly remember hearing about Ted Cruz's intimations on running for the presidency several years ago. At the time I thought there was no way he gain any traction since he was disliked by the Republican Party Establishment and the American people as a whole. What's sad is now he's pretty much the only hope they've got against the prospect of a Trump campaign in the general election.  This article in the New Republic takes a good look at the man. 

"Cruz and Trump are in fact appealing to different segments of the Republican Party, and they know it. Trump is the candidate of the disoriented, the confused, the needy; Cruz is the candidate of the dogmatist, the moralist, the convicted. Trump gets the voters who fear and adore; Cruz gets the voters who hate and resent. Trump is all show; Cruz means what he says. Trump wants to be everybody’s boss; Cruz wants to be everybody’s master. Ted Cruz is much, much more dangerous than Donald Trump. "